Styrene-Butadiene Rubber (SBR)

DMBS 3988 is a new sorbitol based clarifying agent for polyolefins. Developed to improve the limitations of old generation clarifying agents with respect to transparency, organoleptics, processability and nucleation capability. DMBS 310 has superior aesthetics properties and easy processing characteristics. Suitable for food contact or odor sensitive applications.

Chemical name: 1,3:2,4-Bis(3,4-dimethylobenzylideno) sorbitol

Structure: C24H30=6

Appearance: Fine white powder

DMBS 3988 is very suitable for high transparency polypropylene. It is mainly used to produce high transparency cups, bowls, pots, boxes and Lock lunch boxes etc. It can also be used to produce high transparency plastic polypropylene products of stationeries, ball point pen refills and daily use transparent storage cases etc., various kinds of packages and polypropylene transparent sheets, as well as medical instruments like disposable infusion sets, disposable syringes and disposable injectors.

DMBS 3988 has higher biological applicability and heat stability. It is nontoxic, tasteless, and no odor will be created during its processing. It is especially applicable to high class polypropylene products, including medical supplies, food packages, cosmetic packages, and so on. Beckmann-Kenko GmbH is now in the position to offer you this efficient transparent agent at competitive prices. Please contact us for a specific offer.

Styrene-Butadiene Rubber (SBR)

Styrene-Butadiene Rubbers (SBRs) are synthetic rubbers derived from styrene and butadiene. These materials have good abrasion resistance and good aging stability when protected by additives. Beckmann-Kenko GmbH is now in the position to offer various types of (SBR) at competitive prices, please contact us for a specific offer.