Thaumatin is a very intense natural sweetener, which is extracted from West African katemfe fruit.

It is found as a mixture of proteins isolated from the katemfe fruit (Thaumatococcus daniellii Bennett) of west Africa. Proteins in the thaumatin family of sweeteners are 2000-3000 times more potent than sugar. Although very sweet, thaumatin's taste is markedly different from sugar's. The sweetness of thaumatin builds very slowly. Perception lasts a long time, leaving a liquorice-like aftertaste at high usage levels. Thaumatin is highly water soluble, stable to heating, and stable under acidic conditions.

Usually Thaumatin is used as flavour modifier and also helps to reduce the salt. It has good synergy effects when used together with other sweeteners.

Available as Thaumatin pure min. 93% (typical value min. 97%) or as a blend e.g. 10% Thaumatin in Maltodextrin.

Additional Info

  • CAS NO.: 53850-34-3
  • EC NO.: 258-822-2
  • Synonym: E 957
  • Mol. weight: Thaumatin I: 22,209 / Thaumatin II: 22,293

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