High-quality products and impeccable service with fast, uncomplicated handling of problems in the event of feedback form the basis for the continued existence of a company in highly competitive wholesale and foreign trade. To this end, we understand that our business must be run according to the following guidelines:

Customer orientation

Our customers are our capital. That is why we attach great importance to customer orientation and partnership-based cooperation. To this end, we maintain very close communication with our customers through regular, individual contact. We take the wishes and expectations of our partners seriously and endeavor to put them into practice. For example, if our customer wants a special or rare product, we will try to offer it as soon as possible in accordance with the requirements.

We also constantly monitor the current market, so that we can present our customers with new, promising sales trends. We bring these new ideas into alignment with customer requirements and the customer’s product range. We see ourselves not only as a forward-looking service provider, but as a reliable partner as well.

We make the work more pleasant for our customers. We document every customer-specific requirement, so that it can also be met in the future without it having to be re-communicated. We provide support from supplier selection to delivery and ensure the implementation of our business partners’ previously expressed requirements.

Product quality

To deliver the best possible quality, we attach great importance to the selection of suitable suppliers. Taking into account the price-performance ratio, certification for handling the respective product group is prerequisite for cooperation with our company.
Wir streben langfristige Lieferantenbeziehungen an, um eine konstante Qualität anbieten zu können.

To be able to offer consistent quality, we strive for long-term supplier relationships.

Product safety and product conformity

For us, the protection and safety of the end user begin with the careful selection of our suppliers and service providers, who are our guarantee for a safe and harmless product. Although we do not directly supply to private customers, we are aware that the raw materials and additives from our product range will reach the end user after processing by our customers. Long-term relationships with our partners ensure cooperation in which our high standards for a clearly defined product safety culture are conscientiously implemented.

However, it is not only the general safety of our products that is important. Through continuous testing and recording of legal provisions and restrictions, we are able to exclusively offer products that are harmless to the consumer in their applications. To ensure that this remains the case, we also rely on the expertise of external experts where necessary.

As a bridge between our customers and suppliers, we see a great responsibility in complying with policies and regulations that apply to us and our partners.

Employee orientation

Our company employs prudent and innovative employees. At work, we enjoy a pleasant, family-like atmosphere. The demands placed on our employees by their work are varied. In general, we want to make work as pleasant as possible for our employees. Job descriptions regulate delineation of the employee’s responsibility and powers.

Every employee is involved in our QM system and actively participates in it.

Sustainability and environmental responsibility

It is becoming increasingly important to consider product manufacturing from the perspective of sustainability.

Together with our business partners, we develop environmental responsibility. First and foremost, environmental responsibility is reflected in the minimization of packaging and transport routes. A certain balance must be maintained, because the packaging also offers protection and stability for the products.

These guidelines have been communicated throughout the company, have been read by every employee, and are observed. On the part of the management, we undertake to constantly update these in order to continue to be a competent and reliable partner for our customers and to meet the requirements of our shareholders for an economically viable and successively growing company, as well as to offer our employees a safe and pleasant workplace. For continuous improvement of the company’s processes, we have set up a quality management system that is regularly reviewed.